FREEZE FOR LIFE: Watersports in Winter for Charity

Hosted by Gage Marine

We are excited to announce the return of Freeze For Life on December 6th, 2014 from 10am to 3pm. The event is dedicated as a memorial to Kevin Waldeck, a former teacher who taught for more than 37 years and lost his life to cancer in 2007.  We are hoping to raise $25,000 in 2014.  All proceeds from the event go to funding college scholarships to local area high school graduates and cancer research.

Participants will ski, wakeboard, barefoot, surf, or tube on the frigid waters of Geneva Lake.  In years past the turnout and support has been impressive, with attendance numbers of over 300 people who braved the cold.
Safety is of our utmost concern. Professional drivers and certified safety personnel will be onsite during the event. Dry suits will be available and will provide the athletes with comfort and safety. In addition, there will be a hot tub where athletes will be able to warm-up after their time on the water.

If you would like to talk more about the details and success of past events or the logistics of this year’s event, please feel free to contact event organizers at the following: 262-245-5501, ext 0



Participants will turn in their registrations and donations. You will then be directed to an area setup to put a dry suit on.  Once you have the dry suit on, you’ll head out to the ski barge.  This is where you will be geared with ski’s, wakeboard, wakesurf, or a towable.  A Nautique or Centurion inboard will tow you directly off of the barge.  You will then be towed out to show your stuff, returning to another floating barge where you will disembark and head for the hot tub.  If you are in a towable there is a very good chance you won’t even get wet!

Friends and family can watch you take off from one of the many piers  or watch from the warmth of the enclosed outside deck at Pier 290 where there will be a cash bar as well as hot food.


We’d love your help in our drive to raise funds and to have an awesome time doing it. So Check out how to participate!